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Report flytipping, and find out more about it, including what you must do to dispose of your waste legally.

Flytipping is the illegal dumping of household or trade waste and is a crime.

Report flytipping

If you see anyone flytipping, or spot flytipped rubbish, please report flytipping online. If this is blocking a road or in a dangerous place, contact the police on 999 or 101.

Information we need

We need to know where the flytipping has taken place. If you witness the flytipping (and it is safe to do so), take a note of:

  • the vehicle make, model, colour and registration number
  • what was dumped
  • a description of the flytippers.

Do not look for clues in the waste yourself, as there may be harmful items in it. 


The free What3Words app is a useful tool in helping us to accurately locate dumped waste. Three unique words are assigned to each three metre squared location. The app can be downloaded for both Apple and Android. Download the app and make a note of the three words assigned to the location of the flytip. You can then  give us these three words when you report it- making it easier for us to find the exact location.

Next steps

​We aim to investigate and remove flytipped rubbish from our land and open spaces within three working days of being notified, when it's practical to do so.

If we find sufficient evidence, we will prosecute flytippers.

Get rid of your waste responsibly - what you must do

Whether you are a householder or business, you must dispose of waste correctly. This is from the moment the waste is produced to when it's received by a business that is authorised to deal with it. We recommend the following. 

Householder advice

Business advice

Penalties for flytipping

If your waste is flytipped and is traced back to you, you could be taken to court and prosecuted. The maximum fine is up to £50,000. You can also be issued with a £1000 on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notice for flytipping

Vehicle seizures

We can seize, and hold for up to 15 days, any vehicle(s) used for flytipping or waste crime offences. See our Statutory Notices page for details of current vehicle seizures. 

If you suspect someone of  being an illegal or unregistered waste carrier, call the Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555 111 or use the Crimestoppers: online contact form.

What we are doing to tackle flytipping in County Durham

  • Issuing on-the-spot £1000 Fixed Penalty Notices
  • Seizing vehicles, for up to 15 working days, if they're used for flytipping or waste crime offences
  • Additional CCTV cameras installed in flytipping hotspot areas.
  • Improved investigation procedures and techniques to trace flytipping back to the culprit.
  • Increased prosecutions through the Magistrates' Courts to deter people from dumping waste.
  • Publicising flytipping prosecutions/CCTV footage via press releases and on social media to deter other people from dumping waste and/or operating as unlicensed waste carriers. See Environment news for details. 
  • Regular 'Stop and check' operations carried out by Neighbourhood wardens and Durham Constabulary to check waste carriers are licensed. 
  • Reminders to waste carriers that they must be licensed to collect, carry, transport and dispose of waste in their possession. 
  • Ongoing communication to trades people and businesses on how to dispose of commercial waste correctly.
  • Education and engagement to advise residents about a wide range of reuse/recycling options
  • Advice to members of the public to always ask to see a Waste Carrier's Licence when using a private waste company or 'man with a van' to get rid of waste
  •   A guide to help stop flytipping (PDF) [621KB]  provided to all residents in the county, advising them how to get rid of waste within the law and to report anyone suspected of being an unlicensed waste carrier.

'Operation Stop It!' flytipping campaign

We work with Durham Constabulary, the Environment Agency and Crimestoppers to reduce flytipping in County Durham. Our aim is to educate residents, trades people and businesses on their waste 'Duty of Care' in correct waste disposal and enforce against those who dump waste illegally.


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In partnership with

  • Crimestoppers
  • Durham Constabulary
  • Environment Agency
  • Operation Stop It

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