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On our A to Z you will find an alphabetical list of the services and information we offer, as well as some information about key partner organisations. Please click on the letters below to see what options are available.

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We want all school children in Durham to get the most out of their education, and attending school regularly is an important part of your child's education. We are here to support you if your child has any problems attending school.
Sometimes schools have to close temporarily because of bad weather, loss of utility services (such as gas, electricity or water) or other emergencies.
We offer a wide range of support to schools and academies in County Durham and across the region.
Our schools provide a cafeteria-style service offering a full range of freshly prepared dishes - including healthy snacks, traditional meals, deli and salad bars.
Find out when and how to apply for a secondary or primary school place, what to do once you've been offered a place and how to appeal if you're unhappy with the decision.
Thornhill Primary now administer the School Benevolent Fund for County Durham. This is a registered charity which offers a grant towards shoes and coats for school pupils.
This page gives you information on transport for children of compulsory school age to and from schools, as well as for those who are post 16.
This page gives you information about the instances when the exclusion of a pupil from school is appropriate, and the procedures the school must follow.
Find details of school holidays and additional teacher training days.
School services, contact details, Ofsted reports and performance tables.
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