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Pay your Fixed Penalty Notice for environmental crimes

We issue fixed penalty notices for environmental crimes such as dropping litter, flytipping, dog fouling and abandoning a vehicle.

Litter awareness elearning course

The notice you receive may invite you to complete an online litter awareness elearning course . If you are eligible, you must pay for this online and within 10 days of the offence. 

To sign up for the litter awareness e-learning course, you can select this option when you pay your Fixed Penalty Notice payments online. You must complete the course within 5 days of payment.

The course costs £65. Once you've completed the training (and we are notified), you have not further payments to make.

If you decide that you do not wish to complete the training, please pay your fixed penalty notice. 

Pay your fixed penalty notice

If you pay this within 10 days of receiving the notice, you pay less than if it takes you longer than 10 days to make the payment. If you do not pay this within 28 days, you may be prosecuted and (if convicted), could receive a much larger fine.

OffencePay onlineAmount you pay (if paid in less than 10 days)Amount you pay (if paid after 10 days)Maximum penalty on conviction

Dropping litter

Fixed Penalty Notice payments online£100 (or £65 if you complete the litter awareness e-learning course)£150£2,500

Failure to remove dog poo

Fixed penalty notice payments on eStore£60



Allowing a dog to stray

Fixed penalty notice payments on eStore£60



Failing to place a dog on a lead when asked by an authorised officer

Fixed penalty notice payments on eStore£60



Allowing dogs into designated fenced off play areas where dogs are not permitted

Fixed penalty notice payments on eStore£60£100£1,000

Consumption of alcohol in breach of prohibition

Fixed Penalty Notice payments online£50£80£1,000

Failure to comply with a Community Protection Notice

Fixed Penalty Notice payments online£60£100

Individual £2,500

Body £20,000

Failure to produce documents

Fixed Penalty Notice payments online£180£300£5,000

Failure to produce authority to transport waste

Fixed Penalty Notice payments online£180£300£5,000

Abandoned vehicles

Fixed Penalty Notice payments online£120£200£2,500

Failure to comply with a waste receptacles notice

Fixed Penalty Notice payments online£75£110£1,000


Fixed Penalty Notice payments online£180£40012 months imprisonment and/or £50,000 fine.

Other ways to pay

By phone

Call our 24 hour payment line - 0300 456 2771. Have your card, reference number (which is on the front of your fixed penalty notice), and a pen and paper to note your receipt number.

Through your bank

Make payments, through your bank, to Lloyds Bank Plc, account number 51009868, sort code 30-92-79. Make sure you quote the reference number which is on the front of the fixed penalty notice.

Post Office and PayPoint

There is a barcode on the front of the fixed penalty notice which means it can be taken to any Post Office or PayPoint outlet where it will be scanned and payment taken. Please keep your receipt for future reference.

By post - cheques only

You can send your cheque to: Durham County Council, Revenues and Benefits, PO Box 253, Stanley, County Durham, DH8 1GF. Cheques should be made payable to Durham County Council. Please write your fixed penalty notice reference number on the back of the cheque. 

Please do not:

  • send cash through the post
  • hand deliver payments.

Payment information can also be found on the reverse of the fixed penalty notice.

What happens if you don't pay the fixed penalty notice

If you do not pay the fixed penalty notice within 14 days from the date of issue, we will write to you to remind you that the payment is overdue (the reminder letter gives you a further 14 days to pay).

If you still do not pay within 14 days after the date of the reminder letter, the case will be referred for prosecution at a magistrates court.

Contact us
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0300 456 2771

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