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Flyposting is the illegal display of advertising material in public areas and creates a negative impression of an area.

This covers the display of flyers, posters and stickers, attached, for example, to highway structures, street furniture, fences and public and private buildings, without the consent of the owner. It also covers leaflets, business cards or literature left on car windscreens.

Flyposting is an antisocial activity, which spoils the appearance of an area and, where it is displayed near roads, can cause public safety issues to both road users and pedestrians.

It can be difficult and costly to remove flyposting and may damage property. Where flyposting is not removed it can result in litter. 

What we will do if we find flyposting

We will remove flyposting from accessible areas in public view. If we can identify the guilty party we may:

  • Prosecute in a magistrates' court (fines up to £2,500).
  • Issue a Community Protection Warning Notice.
  • Issue a fine (Fixed Penalty Notice) of £100 (reduced to £60 if paid within 10 working days).
  • Issue a Removal Notice.
  • Issue an Action Notice.
  • Charge the offender for the cost of removing the flyposting.
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