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Apply for a waste permit for household hazardous waste

If you take any chemicals (eg bleach), gloss or lead based paints or sprays, or asbestos to a Household Waste Recycling Centre (tip), you need a waste permit.

You can also Contact Customer Services if you prefer a paper copy. You will not get a permit straight away if you do this.

The waste permit scheme

You can get rid of your own household waste at any of our tips. A permit scheme is in place. If you are wanting to use a van or a pickup or trailer, you will need a waste permit to allow you to drop off waste at the site. We will also check the waste is household waste and not business waste, and we work with HW Martin's, the sub contractor who manages our sites, to identify anyone who attempts to get rid of too much waste and is getting rid of waste that is not from their own household. 

12 waste permits are allowed per household (not per person) per year and once you have used all 12, you will not be able to apply again until January 1. However, we can issue extra permits in extreme circumstances, and these are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If one of your permits is rejected, it will be reset so you can use it again. No matter which date you apply for your waste permit, it will be valid until 31 December. After this date you will need to apply for a new one. Note that the permit is only valid for one day if there are hazardous items.

Apply online

Apply for a waste permit

Your epermit will be automatically approved and emailed to you. The permit will be sent to the registered email address but you can change this. If you do not give an email address, the permit will have to be collected or posted. 

Other ways to apply 

Your waste permit is emailed to your account almost as soon as you have applied for it but if you choose to have it posted then we will post it second class. This process could take longer if the permit is queried in any way.

How to use your waste permit

  • Epermits have a QR code which can be scanned at the site from your permit or phone. You do not have to print them out. 
  • If you are printing a permit yourself, please use black ink and print in A4. Open the permit to print rather than printing straight from the browser. Do not fold the paper across the QR code as it may affect how it scans. 
  • If you need to print a paper permit and do not have a printer, call into one of our Customer Access Points.
  • It is valid for seven days from the date of the permit.
  • The details of the waste on your permit must match what you bring. Do not bring additional items which are not listed.
  • You can only apply for one permit at a time. 
  • An individual permit can include multiple items of hazardous, garden or mixed waste, but you must use a tip that can accept hazardous waste if you include it.
  • You must take your permit with you when you go to the site to dispose of the waste.If you have printed the permit then you will be asked to keep it, unless it does not scan.
  • If you have a poor signal on your mobile we advise you download the permit or take a screen shot of it ahead of your visit. Staff on site need to scan the QR code.
  • You will be asked to specify a preferred site when you apply but, if your plans change, you can still use your permit at another site.
  • If you try to use a permit twice it will flag up as being already used.

If an email does not arrive

Occasionally emails go to spam or junk folders but if you do not receive your permit within 30 minutes then please Contact Customer Services.

Essential requirements

For a permit to be approved automatically you must have at least one permit remaining and it must not list hazardous waste. The permit must include the registration of the vehicle disposing of the waste and this includes hire vehicles. The vehicle must not be a banned vehicle including a heavy goods vehicle, a vehicle over six metres, a flatbed vehicle, a horsebox or a trailer over three metres.

Applying for someone else

If you are applying for a waste permit for someone else, fill in the initial name and address as your own. There is a question asking if the waste is your own, if you say no then you can provide a name and address for the person you are applying for. The permit will be taken from their quota and not yours. You may be asked to provide a declaration when you arrive at the tip, stating that it is not business waste. Where possible, the person who the waste belongs to should be in the vehicle.

Hiring a van and borrowing someone else's vehicle

You need to input the vehicle registration number of any vehicle listed on a waste permit. Apply for the permit once you have collected the vehicle. If you are borrowing a vehicle then the name and address on the permit need to be yours. Make sure the registration of the vehicle you will be using is also on the permit.

Changing details on a permit 

It is possible to change the details on a permit, Contact Customer Services. If the vehicle registration is shown as not recognised on application, we will contact you.

Having building work done and disposing of waste

Household waste recycling centres are only able to accept household waste so if you are employing a builder, plumber or gardener to carry work out for you, it is classed as Commercial Waste and cannot be accepted. If we suspect the waste you are carrying is business waste then please be prepared to fill in a legal disclaimer on site. This will be investigated and further action could be taken against you. 

Places of worship

Waste from houses attached to places of worship, vicarages are an example, can be deposited at our tips but if a permit is requested for waste from inside a place of worship, this will be refused. 


We do not provide waste permits for waste from charities.

Permits are not issued for Commercial Waste (including waste from landlords) or waste from charities.

Sites that accept hazardous waste

Not all sites accept hazardous waste - the sites that do are listed below:

You do not have to apply for two permits if you have both hazardous and non hazardous waste. But all waste on a hazardous waste permit must be disposed of within one day. Hazardous waste permits are included in your 12 a year quota.

Visiting the site

Only certain types of vehicles can enter a HWRC.

Type of vehicle/trailerIs a permit needed for access?
Domestic vehicle (family car, estate car, MPV)No
People carrier or 4x4 with windows and seats in the backNo
Any vehicle with 9 to 16 seatsYes
Trailer smaller than three metres (9 feet 10 inches) including the hitchYes
Car style pick-upYes

Vehicles not allowed at our sites

  • livestock carrying vehicles or agricultural vehicles
  • vehicles with a flat bed
  • trailers greater than 3 metres long (9 feet 10 inches) including the hitch
  • vehicles greater than 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW)
  • vehicles longer than 6 metres (19 feet 8 inches)
  • any vehicle with commercial or trade waste

Please note that the trailer hitch is included in the overall length of the vehicle and should be taken into consideration when applying for a permit.

What counts as hazardous waste

You need a waste permit to dispose of chemicals, gloss and lead based paint and sprays or asbestos. You don't need a waste permit for electrical goods and batteries, these can be disposed of at any HWRC.

Hazardous waste limits and safety guidelines

Ensure your waste is safely packaged and doesn't exceed the limits by following the guidelines below. 


  • Chemicals must be kept in a secure container, with the original label where possible.
  • The name of the product should be identified when you apply for a permit.
  • You are limited to two litres of chemicals per permit.
  • Site staff cannot assist with handling chemicals.
  • We cannot accept any wood treated with hazardous materials (such as railway sleepers).

Gloss and lead paints and sprays

  • Gloss and lead paints and sprays must be firmly secured to prevent leakages.
  • If it is still in a very liquid condition please use soil or sand to thicken the paint.


  • Asbestos must be double bagged or double wrapped and sealed.
  • We will only accept white cemented asbestos, with a limit of the equivalent of 4 bags of asbestos or down pipe per resident.
  • Blue or brown fibrous asbestos will be refused.
  • We can only accept asbestos no larger than 70cm (width) by 150cm (length) and 35cm (depth).
  • Site staff cannot assist with handling asbestos.
  • Please state on the application the quantity of asbestos you have for disposal, the sizes of the items and whether the asbestos is sheets, pipes or other such as rubble.
  • Please state where in your home the waste has come from, for example garage roof, fireplace

Mercury thermometers

  • We will accept mercury thermometers in one piece. If they are broken they must be placed in a secure plastic tub.

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