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Apply for a waste permit for household hazardous waste

If you take any chemicals (eg bleach), gloss or lead based paints or sprays, or asbestos to a Household Waste Recycling Centre (tip), you need a waste permit.

You can also contact us if you prefer a paper copy. You will not get a permit straight away if you do this.

How to use your waste permit

  • The waste permit is only valid for the date you arrange it for.
  • The details of the waste on your permit must match what you bring. 
  • You can only apply for one permit at a time. 
  • An individual permit can include multiple items of hazardous, garden or mixed waste, but you must use a tip that can accept hazardous waste if you include it.

Permits are not issued for commercial waste (including waste from landlords) or waste from charities.

Tips that accept hazardous waste

Not all sites accept hazardous waste - the sites that do are listed below:

Visiting the site

Only certain types of vehicles can enter a HWRC.

Type of vehicle/trailerIs a permit needed for access?
Domestic vehicle (family car, estate car, MPV)No
People carrier or 4x4 with windows and seats in the backNo
Any vehicle with 9 to 16 seatsYes
Trailer smaller than 3 metres (9 feet 10 inches) including the hitchYes
Car style pick-upYes

Vehicles not allowed at our sites

  • livestock carrying vehicles or agricultural vehicles
  • vehicles with a flat bed
  • trailers greater than 3 metres long (9 feet 10 inches) including the hitch
  • vehicles greater than 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW)
  • vehicles longer than 6 metres (19 feet 8 inches)
  • any vehicle with commercial or trade waste

Please note that the trailer hitch is included in the overall length of the vehicle and should be taken into consideration when applying for a permit.

What counts as hazardous waste

You need a waste permit to dispose of chemicals, gloss and lead based paint and sprays or asbestos. You don't need a waste permit for electrical goods and batteries, these can be disposed of at any HWRC.

Hazardous waste limits and safety guidelines

Ensure your waste is safely packaged and doesn't exceed the limits by following the guidelines below. 


  • Chemicals must be kept in a secure container, with the original label where possible.
  • The name of the product should be identified when you apply for a permit.
  • You are limited to two litres of chemicals per permit.
  • Site staff cannot assist with handling chemicals.
  • We cannot accept any wood treated with hazardous materials (such as railway sleepers).

Gloss and lead paints and sprays

  • Gloss and lead paints and sprays must be firmly secured to prevent leakages.
  • If it is still in a very liquid condition please use soil or sand to thicken the paint.


  • Asbestos must be double bagged or double wrapped and sealed.
  • We will only accept white cemented asbestos, with a limit of the equivalent of 4 bags of asbestos or downpipe per resident.
  • Blue or brown fibrous asbestos will be refused.
  • We can only accept asbestos no larger than 70cm (width) by 150cm (length) and 35cm (depth).
  • Site staff cannot assist with handling asbestos.
  • Please state on the application the quantity of asbestos you have for disposal, the sizes of the items and whether the asbestos is sheets, pipes or other such as rubble.
  • Please state where in your home the waste has come from. i.e. garage roof, fireplace etc...

Mercury thermometers

  • We will accept mercury thermometers in one piece. If they are broken they must be placed in a secure plastic tub.

Permit FAQs

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