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Keep your community clean and tidy

Working in partnership with local community groups and councillors along with taking a pro-active approach to Clean and Green issues around the county.

Our Find and Fix teams address areas of the county that need more intensive works than our general maintenance teams can give. 

Focusing on sites brought to our attention by community members or representatives, or by our teams themselves, we tackle areas which have multiple issues and need more attention. 

What activities are involved

Tasks that the team have tackled so far as part of the project include parks that have become overgrown over time, and within which play equipment has needed a deep clean, cycle ways and footpaths that have been restricted by vegetation, car parks and access ways to some of the county's nature reserves in which fencing has been in disrepair and trees and shrubs have begun to encroach on parking bays and footpaths.

Find and Fix focuses on areas which require multiple tasks to be undertaken in order to bring the space back into good order. Below is a list of works that the teams have undertaken so far across the county;

  • cutting back of vegetation (e.g. weeds)
  • cut back, removal and replacement of shrubs and bushes
  • installation of new planting schemes
  • repair, replacement and installation of new street furniture (e.g. benches)
  • painting of street furniture
  • removal of encroaching grass or other vegetation from the edge of footpaths
  • repair and renovation of steps (cleaning and moss removal)
  • graffiti removal
  • removal of flytipping
  • removal of tree stumps
  • reseeding of grass areas
  • removal, replacement and installation of bins and dog bins
  • cleaning of bus shelters
  • cleaning and pressure washing of play area equipment
  • fence repair and replacement

Get involved

We are keen to work with local community groups who work to improve their local green spaces, as such, if your local community or volunteer group know of an area they would like to see improved, please Contact Find and Fix.

Reporting other issues

If you would like to report another issue, please visit Do it Online or one of the following pages;

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