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Today's gritting plans

Our online map is updated daily in the winter months to display which roads we plan to grit and which roads have been gritted.

How to use the map

See which roads we plan to grit

The map displays the countywide road network and confirms twice a day which priority one routes are to be treated.  Roads to be gritted will be displayed in purple; once the route has been treated the colour of the road will change to green. Details of the gritting time period are shown in the section marked 'Key' on the map.

If no roads are displayed in colour then no gritting is planned for that time period.

See which roads we've gritted

Once treatment has been carried out, roads will change to green at 15 minute intervals confirming that they have been gritted. We only display the priority one route on the map. It takes approximately two and a half hours to complete the gritting route.

If a road is closed for maintenance the diversion will be gritted instead. However this will not show on the map.

Map options

You can zoom into the map to view gritting details for specific locations or you can enter a postcode, town or village into the search box. For full details of how to use the different map functions, select the 'Help' button on the map.

Normal winter operations only

The gritter map is designed for our normal winter operations where gritters are out as required to keep the roads free of frost, ice and snow.  In exceptional winter weather, for example when there is heavy snow or prolonged icy conditions, which require more frequent gritting, we will remain on duty as necessary to clear the priority network.  In these circumstances a message on the map will confirm continuous gritting/ploughing.

Accuracy of information

The information provided on the map is for information only and therefore should not be regarded as entirely accurate, as the weather conditions may change, or there may be connectivity or technical issues with the tracking system. Any missing data (green lines) will, in these circumstances, be displayed as the route being completed.

How does the map get the information?

The information displayed is provided by our vehicle tracking system which uses GPS technology to send information from our gritters to update the map. 

Follow us on Twitter #twittergritterNE to keep up to date with our winter roads service.

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