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Support for adopted adults

If you were adopted as a child and would like to know more about your birth family, we can help.

We offer a confidential information, advice and counselling service to adopted adults.

Getting information about your adoption

If you are over 18, you can apply for a copy of your original birth certificate or other adoption records that might be available.

Birth certificate

You can get a copy of your original birth certificate from the General Register Office: certificate ordering service even if you don't know your birth name. Contact us for help with your application.

Adoption records

We may also be able to help you access your adoption records, even if you are not sure where you were adopted.

I don't live in County Durham

If you live outside the county, but know that we were involved in your adoption, we can still help you but it may be easier for you to contact your local adoption support service. They will then contact us on your behalf.

Making contact with your birth family

You can get in touch with an intermediary service when Making contact with your birth family. They will offer you advice on tracing members of your birth family.

I do not want contact from my birth family

If you do not wish to have any contact with a member of your birth family you can prevent them contacting you in the future by Controlling contact with your birth family.

Other ways to trace your birth family

Adoption Contact Register

Add yourself to the Adoption Contact Register. Please note it is not a tracing service - for a connection to be made between two people they must both have added their details to the register.

You can also add your details to the register when you do not want to be contacted.

Adoption Search Reunion website

The Adoption Search Reunion website has useful information for those searching or wanting to make contact with their birth families.