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Managing your tenancies

Setting up and managing a tenancy can be complicated and there are several elements which must be included to ensure that the tenancy is legal, there are also different types of tenancies that can be offered.

Tenancy agreement

Ensuring a tenancy agreement is set up correctly is essential at the start of a new tenancy. When you set up an agreement you must consider everything that should be included. There is a template available if you need it.

Tenancy deposit protection

When starting a tenancy, it is usual practice to take a deposit.

All deposits are protected by a certified tenancy deposit scheme. It is a legal requirement to protect a tenant's deposit and you can face penalties if this is not done. Once a deposit is protected, tenants must be given the all the correct deposit information for their tenancy.
All tenancy deposit schemes operate a free dispute service to provide help and support if there is a disagreement about the deposit. 

Rent checks

You must carry out right to rent checks on any prospective tenants or you could face penalties for illegal renting. 

What must be provided to a tenant before the start of a tenancy

During a tenancy

During a tenancy the landlord has numerous responsibilities and requirements to comply with. See renting out a property.

Ending a tenancy

There are several ways you can evict a tenant and the type of notice served depends on what has happened. These include Section 21 and 8 notices, and Possession Claims, but these can only be served under certain circumstances. 

Covid-19 advice and guidance Covid-19 guidance for landlords

More information and advice 

For advice, guidance or support, contact us on our Private Sector Housing Advice Line.

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