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Polling District and Polling Places Review 2023

Every five years, we must legally complete a review of our polling districts and polling places. The next scheduled review must be completed by 31 January 2025 and will include proposed changes to Parliamentary boundaries which are being reviewed for the next UK Parliamentary General election.

The outcome of the local boundaries review of Durham is not yet finalised. It is expected that the final proposals from this will mean that changes will be made to polling districts and potentially polling places in Durham. A separate interim review will be held during 2024 to consider those proposals. Therefore, they will not be considered as part of this 2023 polling district and polling places review.

As part of the 2023 polling district and polling places review we are keen to gather views on the location and accessibility of polling places as well as thoughts on the geographical boundary of our polling districts.

Notice of Review of polling districts and polling places

Icon for pdf Notice of Polling District Review 2023 (PDF, 207.8kb)

Definition of polling districts, polling places and polling stations

  • polling district: a geographical sub-division of a ward - it can be the whole ward
  • polling station: the actual area where the process of voting takes place - it must be located in the polling place designated for the particular polling district. There can be more than one polling station in a polling place.

We are responsible for designating polling districts and polling places. The Acting Returning Officer is responsible for designating polling stations.

Current polling district and polling station arrangements and Acting Returning Officer's report

Below are the current polling district, polling places and polling station arrangements for each of the six constituencies in County Durham. The Acting Returning Officer's comments are included in the document.

Review of polling district, polling places and polling stations

Polling station lists

Our electoral boundaries map shows the current electoral boundaries, electoral divisions and polling districts for County Durham, as well as providing details of the parish boundaries. It also identifies the location of each polling place in the County Durham area and provides the address and postcode of the polling station, to help you find it.

Have your say

The closing date for comments was Monday 30 October 2023.

What happens next

Following the consultation, any proposed changes that are recommended will be discussed at our Council meeting on 24 January 2024. We will publish the outcome of the review in February 2024 and it will be available for inspection here, at County Hall and at the Customer Access Points listed in the Notice of Review.