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Leisure transformation consultation

Find out about consultation on our leisure transformation programme.


We proposed to deliver a mix of new building projects and refurbishments to existing buildings to improve our leisure facilities.

The plans include changing and improving the buildings and the introduction of new activities which reflect changing trends and support the economic recovery of both the leisure centres and wider county. We are also reviewing many of the existing products and services, introducing new activities and changing spaces to accommodate the new activities.

The transformation plans have been put together following research and consultation. They are aimed at providing all centre users with access to an updated range of activities or facilities which will help you keep active, promote a healthy lifestyle, and help us to sustain our leisure services now and into the future. Whether you are just starting out, or are already well into your activity journey, we want to help by providing spaces and places which are modern, well equipped, and meet the needs of our community.

Consultation timeline

Consultation topicWhen the consultation happened
Abbey Leisure CentreOctober - November 2021
Peterlee Leisure CentreOctober - November 2021
Spennymoor Leisure CentreOctober - November 2021
Teesdale Leisure CentreOctober - November 2021
Riverside Leisure ComplexSummer 2022
Bishop Auckland and Chester-le-Street Leisure CentresSummer 2022
The Louisa Centre (Stanley)Summer 2022
Outdoor sporting facilities in Chester-le-Street (including Roseberry and revised proposals for the Riverside Leisure Complex)Winter 2022

Consultation outcomes

What is happening now

We have carried out consultation on all our current projects which have progressed to a level where consultation on proposals can come forward. There are currently no live consultations taking place, but we will continue to consult on emerging project proposals when these have developed to a sufficient stage.

As plans progress, we will consult on each project, and share information with you at the right time, both online and in-person, as getting you involved and sharing your feedback is really important to us.

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