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Chairman's Medal

The Chairman's Medal is the highest honour that Durham County Council can award to individuals and organisations for outstanding voluntary contribution to County Durham.

The Medal is awarded at the discretion of the Chairman of the Council in line with the following criteria.

Nomination criteria

The medal can be awarded to individuals (of any age) or organisations for:

Outstanding contribution to the social, economic or environmental wellbeing of the county

This could be for:

  • longstanding (or exceptional, for young people) voluntary service which benefits others in the community
  • making a difference to local vulnerable people
  • making a difference in the local environment
  • making neighbourhoods safer
  • improving the health and wellbeing of the local community
  • acts of heroism, bravery or initiative which has helped to save the lives of others

Outstanding achievement in their chosen field on the national or international stage

This could be for:

  • sporting achievement and success
  • artistic or cultural achievement or success
  • science, innovation and discovery which improves the quality of life of others

The Medal is not normally awarded to:

  • elected councillors of the Council
  • paid employees of the Council (in respect of their paid council work including actions which are considered to be "over and above" the course of their duties)
  • anyone who has been paid to carry out the activities for which they are nominated
  • posthumous nominations
  • profit making organisations/commercial businesses
  • self-nominations
  • people or organisations who have previously been awarded the Chairman's Medal


Contact Chairman of the Council to nominate someone.

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