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Sedgefield and Fishburn Section 106 community funding consultation

Help us to decide how to spend the Section 106 Community Fund for Sedgefield, Fishburn, Mordon, Bradbury, Thorpe Larches and the surrounding area (the Sedgefield ward of County Durham).


Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation. We received 384 responses. Details of the response can be found in the Icon for pdf Sedgefield Section 106 consultation – key messages (PDF, 65.2kb)

When new housing development occurs, the developers must put some money towards community and social improvements in the area. This funding is commonly known as Section 106 Fund. Section 106 Community Fund money is currently available as part of the building of new housing estates in and around Sedgefield.

What we are consulting on

We are aware of three projects which could be recommended for funding from the money which is currently available. The Section 106 Fund will not be able to fully fund all three, so your views will help us to recommend and prioritise how much we put into each project. We may be able to part fund more than one project, depending on which projects you prefer.

In addition, we are interested to know if you have any ideas for future projects to be funded as and when further Section 106 funding or other funding becomes available.

Sedgefield Cemetery and allotment expansion

The idea of this project is to improve Butterwick Road Cemetery in Sedgefield. This would include:

  • extending the burial area to make sure there is enough space for burials in the future, as the existing area of the cemetery is nearly full
  • adding new pedestrian and vehicle access to reduce the distance and make it easier for funeral processions and mourners to get to services

It is also proposed to expand the nearby allotment sites. This includes clearing an area of scrub land and landscaping it so that it is more attractive for nearby residents and for those using the nearby footpath. It will also create a large area for additional allotment plots and a site for a community facility.

Eden Drive and Winterton Play Areas, Sedgefield

The idea of this project is to improve the existing play areas at Winterton Avenue and Eden Drive.

  • Winterton Avenue: a new, modern piece of play equipment and replacing other, older pieces
  • Eden Drive: installing footpaths between the equipment to improve access, as well as replacing the old piece of multi-play equipment and the swing frame which are coming to the end of their life.

Getting around in Sedgefield and Fishburn

The idea of this project is to make improvements to how people can get around our towns and villages. We recently consulted on getting around in Sedgefield and Fishburn, and a number of projects are in development from this. This funding would help to achieve some of the projects highlighted by the community as being wanted. This funding would help us to achieve some of the projects you told us you wanted.

Have your say

The deadline for comments was 5.00pm on Friday 18 August 2023.

What happens next

Your comments and any ideas for other projects will be looked at by the Section 106 Panel. We will let you know which projects have been agreed for funding from the Section 106 Community Fund.