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Household Support Fund (HSF)

This funding, from the Department for Work and Pensions, (DWP) is in place to provide support to our most vulnerable households

We have been given £4,676,099.65 to provide support during the period 1 April to 30 September 2022 to those households who may be struggling with their energy and food costs or who need other essential household items. This support is in addition to our food and fun activities that run during the main school holidays.

To make sure we get support to those families who need it, as quickly as possible, we have put in place a number of ways to identify vulnerable households and get support to them. You do not need to apply for this support - you will be contacted directly if you have been identified as needing it.

What support is on offer

Support is offered in the following ways:

  • in July, we will provide, £75 food vouchers to households with free school meal eligible children (aged nought to 19) by schools, further education colleges, early years providers and health visitors
  • £75 to eligible households with people of pensionable age who are in receipt of Council Tax Reduction and/or pension age Housing Benefit 
  • we will provide one off food vouchers to care leavers, worth £75 each
  • County Durham Foodbank and East Durham Trust will support households on pre-payment meters experiencing fuel poverty
  • we will offer grants to households identified by their GP as experiencing fuel poverty by providing food and fuel vouchers, boiler servicing and repairs 
  • PACT House, Junction7 and Woodhouse Close Community Centre foodbanks will support vulnerable households without children experiencing fuel poverty
  • schools will identify children who are most in need and may be able to provide assistance with essential school items
  • we will provide food and fuel vouchers for other households identified by our Housing Solutions Team.

Anyone who is struggling, but not identified or supported through this scheme should contact the team administering our Welfare assistance scheme, for advice and information on other support which may be available.