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Regenerating Horden - Horden Master plan consultation

We asked you to have your say on the latest proposals for Horden's regeneration.

What's the latest?

Thank you for taking part in the latest consultation. We received 369 responses, 92% of which were from Horden residents, and 86% were fully supportive of the plans. The main feedback was the need for new housing, demolition of the numbered streets and more control over anti-social behaviour, crime, and poor private landlord practice. 

Our Cabinet agreed that we could apply for Levelling Up funding for the first phase of wider improvements. This includes two new housing sites, improvements to community facilities and provide better connections to Peterlee, the train station, and the Heritage Coast. A bid submission was submitted on 2 August 2022 and the outcome is expected in the Autumn Statement 2022. Further updates will be announced after Cabinet approval which is expected in the Winter period 2022. A public consultation and update event will be held after this.


In 2019, we consulted with you on a range of options to tackle the housing issues in the Numbered Streets in Horden. You told us that your preference was for us to purchase and demolish the existing houses and replace them with new homes and an education hub, which would replace the existing two primary schools. Following the consultation, we committed £6 million towards this work. This included £4.5 million of Towns and Villages funding.

Since then, we have been developing a delivery strategy that includes how best to phase the work and what the initial £6 million should be spent on, so that we are ready to bid for external funding as it becomes available. It is expected that the delivery strategy and phasing plan will be complete in Autumn 2022 and we intend to share this with you and get your views once ready.

Horden Masterplan consultation timeline

What we are proposing now

The funding and proposals for replacing the existing primary schools with a new purpose-built education hub are not currently available, so we have not been able to include this in the master plan, but this could change in the future.

Levelling Up proposal for Horden

In the meantime, the Levelling Up Fund (LUF) has given us an opportunity to bid for £20 million for Horden. Due to the funding rules and deadlines, we can not use it to improve the Numbered Streets. We have, however, developed a proposal that would create a first phase of wider improvements in Horden to complement the original master plan.

The bid will be submitted in July 2022 and the outcome is expected in Autumn 2022. If successful, the money will allow us to:

  • develop two housing sites that will help provide good quality, affordable accommodation in the area which would be situated to the south of Sea View Industrial estate and Yohden Primary School
  • deliver improved community facilities including a nature reserve and woodlands
  • improve links to Peterlee, the train station, and the Heritage Coast, including improved walking and cycling paths

Masterplan preferred options plan

Proposals in the 'Numbered Streets'

These include:

  • the replacement of poor quality housing with new, high quality housing and a better mix of homes
  • new community facilities, and potential for assisted living / care facility and commercial units
  • linking up the parks and green spaces with new, landscaped walking and cycling routes
  • improve underused public spaces, and provide play areas, activities for young people, and opportunities for markets etc
  • better walking and cycling routes and home zones throughout the new housing areas
  • improved arrival points into Horden
  • sustainable and healthy development, including energy efficient homes, landscape, drainage, and attractive streets

Plan showing the levelling up proposals

Have your say

Your opinions and ideas are very important to help us develop the plans for Horden. We want your views on the wider master plan and LUF submission proposal.

The closing date for comments was 5.00pm on Friday 10 June 2022.

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