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We continue to be here to support care leavers and there will always be someone you can contact to offer advice, help and support on 03000 262 271. 

Our Local Offer for care leavers

Our local offer tells you about all the support that we have in County Durham for you as a care leaver.


We know this is a difficult time for our care leavers and that the COVID-19 virus is having a significant impact on people's wellbeing.

We also know that this is especially difficult if you are living alone and have to self isolate. We have different support options across the council for everyone to make sure they can keep themselves safe and receive the help they need.  See our coronavirus advice and support information.

We are here to support you and while we may not be office based at the minute, there is always someone available to speak to you - to offer advice, help and support.

If you need our help or someone to talk to then please call us on 03000 262271. 

    Just because you are leaving care, or have already left care, we haven't stopped caring about you. We want to make sure that you feel safe and supported and know where and who to go to for advice and help. 

    Did you know, that as a care leaver:

    Your Young Person's Advisor (YPA) will talk with you about the information on these web pages..

    We also have this information available in a leaflet - contact us for a copy.

      Support for you

      See our Support for you section to find out more about your rights and how your Young Person's Advisor (YPA) and social worker will help and support you. Find out about pathway plans and reviews.

      Helping you find somewhere to live

      See our Where can I live? section to find out more about supported accommodation, supported lodgings, living on your own or how to keep living with your foster carer.


      See our Money section to find out how we can help you with your money. We can give you help with your benefits, help you to manage your money, give you support to open a bank account, get your national insurance number and other important documents such as photo id so that you can access services.  

      Looking after yourself

      See our Looking after yourself section to find out more about looking after your health and wellbeing. There's information about how we can help you to build strong and supportive relationships and also how we can support you to get involved and become an active member of society

      Education, training and employment

      See our education, training and employment section to find out more about going to sixth form, college or university. Find out how we can support you in getting an apprenticeship, training or a job. We can also help you get school holiday work experience and even give you help to learn to drive! 

      Who is this information for?

      To be able to get the support set out, you must have been in care for at least 13 weeks (or periods adding up to 13 weeks) which began after age 14 and included some time after your 16th birthday. If you are not sure whether you qualify for support, then ask your Young Person's Advisor (YPA).

      Contact us
      Young People's Service
      03000 262 289