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I have received notice from my landlord

If you rent your home privately, your landlord must give you notice for you to leave. Illegal eviction is a criminal offence.

You may find yourself at risk of being homeless for many reasons. Do not wait until you become homeless tell us you are at risk of becoming homeless.

If you need somewhere to sleep tonight contact us on 08081 968 406 or email

If your landlord tries to remove you from your home, contact the police on 101.

If your landlord wants you to leave without giving you a reason, they must:

Tell your landlord that a notice is required if they want you to leave. Your landlord cannot force you to leave your home without giving you notice. It is an offence under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 to remove you from your home without a court order.

We can support you and your landlord

Tell your landlord that we can offer any support to help resolve the situation and try to help you stay in the property - contact us.

Already issued with a notice?

If you have already been issued with a notice, contact us as soon as possible. See our Get help to avoid becoming homeless page for more information.