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Vehicle security

Car crime is an opportunist crime. If you don't give a thief the opportunity to take your belongings or steal your car, they usually can't.

Sat Nav Theft

Help play your part in reducing car crime by putting into practice the simple and cheap security measures highlighted below. Think now! Don't be wise after the event!

Sat nav

Satellite navigation systems (sat navs) are the items most often taken from cars: 

  • Make sure you remove your sat nav and take it with you or lock it in the boot every time you leave your car. Do not leave it in your glove box.
  • Remove the cradle from the windscreen. Leaving a cradle on view can make thieves think that a sat nav may still be stored somewhere inside the vehicle.
  • Wipe away the mark that is left on the windscreen after you remove your sat nav and its cradle. Thieves sometimes look for the mark as a sign that you have left a sat nav somewhere inside the vehicle.

Don't display your valuables

  • Never leave anything on display when you park your car, even if you are only leaving your car for a few minutes.
  • If you can't carry it with you, store it in the boot not the glove box.  

Winter mornings

Frosty mornings often bring a spate of car thefts as car owners leave their vehicles unattended with the engines running to warm up them up and defrost the windows. It takes less than ten seconds to steal a car in these circumstances.

More tips and advice

Download our vehicle security information leaflet for tips and advice on:

  • car parks
  • general parking
  • parking at home
  • garages
  • immobilisers
  • car alarms
  • locking wheel nuts
  • etching
  • approved security devices
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