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Travel planning

By reducing car travel, travel plans can improve health and wellbeing, reduce pollution, reduce demand for parking space, and make a positive contribution to the community and the environment.

What is a travel plan?

It's a document containing a set of practical actions designed by a workplace, school, or other organisation, to encourage healthy and sustainable travel. Along with reducing the need to travel in the first place, travel plans include the promotion of:

  • walking
  • cycling
  • public transport
  • car sharing

Every travel plan is different and is written to meet the needs of its audience; whether members of staff, children, or visitors. Often they are written for a combination of different people, for example, school pupils and school staff. Travel plans are also site specific. For example, a travel plan for a rural school or business will be quite different from a similar organisation in an urban area. Different groups will develop travel plans which are unique to their own circumstances.


By promoting sustainable travel in schools, healthy habits can be encouraged for later life. Schools with travel plans in place support pupils and staff in using sustainable travel to, not only reduce the number of cars outside school, but also to create a more pleasant environment for all to enjoy. 

School travel planning


Few organisations realise what a huge difference they could make to their organisation simply by managing their transport differently. These pages contain information on the benefits of developing a travel plan and the practical measures that can be put in place to promote sustainable travel to employees, visitors, and to improve general company efficiency. These pages also contain information for developers and consultants who need to prepare a framework travel plan to submit with a planning application.

Business travel planning


We offer free personalised travel planning advice to help individuals make sustainable travel choices. 

Personal travel plans

Did you know that the average car makes as much pollution in one year as two elephants weigh?  

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