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Slow to 20 for safer streets

We have reduced speed limits from 30mph to 20mph around some of our schools in County Durham.

We have:

  • introduced a range of full-time and part-time 20mph limits or zones on the roads outside and in the vicinity of schools in the county
  • provided an enhanced programme of road safety education and training for children including road safety awareness and safer cycling programmes
  • offered initiatives to encourage walking and cycling on the school journey

Why are we doing it?

Reducing traffic speeds around the schools, particularly during drop off and pick up times will improve road safety and help create a safer and healthier community. Lower driving speeds can help:

  • reduce road casualties
  • encourage more people to walk or cycle
  • children to play outside safely and be more active
  • make it less noisy for nearby homes 

By taking part in our road safety programme in schools, children will gain the knowledge and skills they need to enable them to be safer pedestrians and cyclists.

Where and when will the part-time 20mph speed limit be in force?

We have introduced 20mph speed limits outside various schools across County Durham.

We have installed 'when the lights show' signs to advise that a length of road near to a school entrance should be driven at 20mph or less when the lights are on. The new speed limits will be in place at the beginning and end of the school day and will affect all road users. 

Although our funded Slow to 20 programme for Safer Streets programme has now concluded, reduced speed limits can still be introduced outside of schools using AAP funding and Neighbourhood budgets.

Slow to 20 Slow to 20 - mobile version

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