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School crossing patrols

School crossing patrols are provided in places where pedestrians, both children and adults, frequently need to cross the road on the journey to and from school.

What is their role?

School crossing patrols are appointed by us. Under the Transport Act 2000 they have a legal authority to stop traffic using a highway code stop sign and wearing a uniform. Any driver who fails to stop when they display the stop sign will be reported to the Police, and could be prosecuted.

How to get a school crossing patrol?

There are specific criteria for setting up a patrol site and all circumstances relating to the site must be taken into consideration before a request can be granted.


Check Current job vacancies and apprenticeships on North East Jobs. We are responsible for the recruitment, selection and training of all new staff and continual training for existing staff and carry out daily supervision, site surveys and risk assessments.

Who is responsible for making sure children are safe?

Although we recognise the need to provide a school crossing patrol service for our schools, we do not have to do so by law. The responsibility for ensuring the safety of children to and from school is still a parental one. Even where a patrol is provided parents and carers remain responsible for their children's safety.

School crossing patrol policy

Our Icon for pdf school crossing patrol policy (PDF, 154.8kb)  (reviewed in 2013) sets out our approach, what criteria needs to be met for the establishment of a new patrol, and what we are doing to maintain road safety for children and other members of the public during the school journey.


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