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NE Research Framework for the Historic Environment

Funded by English Heritage, the North-East Regional Research Framework for the Historic Environment (NERRF) was undertaken jointly by our Archaeology Section and the Department of Archaeology at Durham University.

Throughout the partnership's preparation, advice and support have been received from individuals and groups from the historic environment sector including local societies, amateur and commercial archaeologists, curators of the historic environment and academic archaeologists.

By working together it has been possible to create a commonly agreed framework representing the thoughts and opinions of those whose work brings them into regular contact with the region's past.

Updating the research framework

The NERRF is currently undergoing a revision and update. This is being coordinated by staff from English Heritage's North East Team and will take the form of on-line amendments to the original document. It is not envisaged that a further hard copy report will be produced. Any queries or questions relating to the proposed revision should be directed to Dr Rob Young, English Heritage (North East) Historic Environment Adviser.

Shared Visions: The North East Regional Research Framework for the Historic Environment

The integration of archaeology and heritage conservation into the planning process has led to a rapid and considerable increase in the volume of fieldwork carried out both nationally and locally over the last sixteen years.

Concern has been growing that much of this work lacks research focus. Similarly, grant-giving bodies require some sense of priority to ensure the appropriate distribution of what are often limited resources. So it is essential for such work to be carried out in the context of a firm academic understanding of the history and archaeology of each region.

'Shared Visions: The North East Regional Research Framework for the Historic Environment' (2006 Petts, D and Gerrard, C) aims to fulfil this need by providing a viable, realistic and effective academic basis for research into the historic environment of the North East of England (County Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Teesside). It sets out a series of research priorities for the region as a whole that will not only help to provide structure to commercially-driven fieldwork locally, but also supply a sense of direction for all strands of future research.

Please contact us to order a bound hard-copy of the publication or the non-technical summary leaflet:

Alternatively, a PDF version of 'Shared Visions' can also be downloaded.

For more information, you can also contact:
Dr Rob Young
NE Historic Environment Adviser (Archaeology)
English Heritage
Bessie Surtees House, 41-44 Sandhill
Tyne & Wear

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