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Pedal safe - lock it or lose it

This page provides crime prevention advice to keep you and your bicycle safe.

Many bike thefts occur because they have been locked with poor quality locks or are carried away because they have not been fixed to an immovable object. There are even some bikes taken which were never locked in the first place. Bike theft is an opportunist crime. If you don't give a thief the opportunity steal your bicycle, they usually can't. Help play your part, using the simple and cheap security measures highlighted below.


Never leave your bike unlocked in a public place, sometimes bikes are stolen purely as a means of transport, so even the oldest bike left insecure is at risk. Use a good quality lock such as:

  • D Locks - these are strong rigid steel locks in a D or U shape.
  • Cable Locks - these are more flexible so can be used in situations where a D lock might not fit.
  • Chains and Padlocks - these are easy to carry around, but should be strong and of good quality.

Out and about

Avoid leaving your bike in dimly lit or isolated places and always:

  • Use designated cycle parking stands.
  • Secure removable parts such as quick release wheels to your bike frame.
  • Make the bike and lock hard to manoeuvre when parked and keep the lock away from the ground.

At home

  • Keep your bike in a secure shed or garage.
  • Secure it to a wall-mounted anchor lock for extra security.

Bicycle security marking

Security marking and registering your bike will reduce cycle crime and put thieves off. It also means that cycles can easily be identified by the police should they ever be stolen or go missing, and be quickly reunited with their rightful owners.

Ask at your local bike shop, or see our Leisure website: Move cycling page for information on free bike security marking events.

Cyclist training

Our cyclist training page provides information on 'Bikeability', a government approved National Standard for cycle training. It has been developed to give young people the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to ride safely on today's roads.

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