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The Prime Minister has today set out the next steps in the easing of lockdown. See the press conference at Youtube: Prime Minister's Coronavirus press conference (10 May 2021) for details.

Between 4.00pm on Wednesday 12 May and 7.30am on Thursday 13 May, the following systems will be unavailable due to essential maintenance: our online council tax, business rates and housing benefit overpayments service, our welfare assistance form and our test and trace payments form. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Make a complaint about noise

If you have a problem with noise, such as loud music, noisy pubs, rowdy parties or barking dogs, you can report this to us.

What we will do

We will assess your complaint to determine whether it is classed as a statutory noise nuisance (see's guide to noise nuisance). If it is, we will investigate it. Examples of noise that we will investigate are:

  • barking dogs
  • loud music
  • loud entertainment from pubs or clubs
  • noise from industrial and commercial premises
  • noise from construction and demolition sites 

Examples of noise complaints that we do not investigate are:

  • anonymous complaints
  • traffic, aircraft and trains
  • people in the street
  • reasonable noise from homes or commercial premises, such as a baby crying or hoovering

How we deal with your complaint

If your complaint is classed as a statutory noise nuisance, the steps we take depend on the type of complaint. We may:

First steps

In the first instance, we will try to resolve your complaint informally, through speaking directly to the people or business you've complained about.

Legal approach

If this informal approach doesn't work, we will serve a notice (abatement notice), telling them to stop. If they don't, they are breaching this notice and we will be able to prosecute them.

What you can do

There are actions you could take without involving us:

  • Talk to the person responsible for making the noise - they could be unaware that they are causing a problem. Do not attempt to do this if you feel threatened.
  • Write to them - you may prefer to explain what the problem is in a letter ( Icon for pdf Template Nuisance Neighbour Letter (PDF, 46.7kb) ).
  • Use mediation - the Restorative Hub can take on the role as mediator between you and your neighbour. It does not involve us. It is voluntary and free to use.
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