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Housing regeneration - partnerships, policies and plans

On this page you'll find details of partnerships, policies, plans which shape our approach to improving private sector housing in County Durham including housing availability and living standards.

Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) Report 2021

The Home Energy Conservation Act (1995) recognises the opportunity for local authorities, such as ourselves, to influence energy efficiency improvements in local housing and thereby reduce levels of fuel poverty. 

It is the duty of every Local Authority to prepare a bi-annual HECA report which is submitted to the Secretary of State, showing progress made in implementing reduction in domestic energy usage and fuel poverty.

Our Home energy conservation act report (PDF) [251KB]  sets out the measures we consider are practical, cost-effective and most likely to result in improvements in energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions in residential properties.

County Durham Energy and Fuel Poverty Partnership

Fuel poverty occurs when a household is unable to afford to heat their home to maintain a warm and healthy indoor environment. The County Durham Energy and Fuel Poverty Partnership works with key partner organisations to maximise the assistance for fuel poor households countywide. The partnership co-ordinates delivery of the County Durham Affordable Warmth Strategy to maximise reductions in countywide levels of fuel poverty. If you would like more information on the Partnership please contact us at Warm Homes Durham.

County Durham Affordable Warmth Strategy

The  County Durham Affordable warmth strategy and action plan (PDF) [947KB]  aims to maximise the assistance available to fuel poor residents to have warmer homes and lower energy bills. The action plan shows how we will work together to alleviate fuel poverty, provide warmer homes, reduce domestic energy usage, cold-related ill health and excess winter deaths. This includes maximising the uptake of national and local energy efficiency and fuel poverty grant programmes across the whole of County Durham.

Private sector housing renewal financial assistance policy

Our Private Sector Housing Financial Assistance Policy (PDF) [518KB]  sets out how we will support the county's vulnerable residents to improve, repair and adapt their properties.  The overall aim is to improve and maintain healthy living conditions.

The policy targets the elderly, disabled and low income households. It sets out the advice, practical support and financial assistance that is available together with eligibility criteria.

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