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Home security

County Durham is a safe place to live. Burglary levels in our county are low.

Keeping your home safe

Help play your part by putting into practice some simple security measures such as:

  • Always lock your doors when you go out, even if you are only popping out for a short time. Burglary is quick - most thieves take less than five minutes to break in to your house, steal your property and leave.
  • When you are out of the house make sure your home looks like there is someone in. Use timer switches on the lights and switch on a radio.
  • Always keep keys in a safe place and away from windows and doors.
  • If you are going away on holiday ask a relative, trusted friend or neighbour to look after your house while you are away. Ask them to open and close your curtains and collect your mail.
  • Join a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.
  • Most importantly - after you have fitted all your security devices use them. The most expensive lock doesn't stop a burglar if it isn't locked.

The Doorstep Code

  • Always put the security chain on the door before opening it.
  • Ask the caller who they are and where they are from.
  • Ask to see some form of identification - take the card from them and examine it.
  • Check with the company who they claim to be from, using a telephone number out of the phone book.

Remember - you do not have to let a stranger into your home even if they claim it is an emergency.

More tips and advice

Download our home security information leaflets for tips and advice on:

  • Basic home security
  • Bogus callers
  • Shed security
  • Going on holiday
  • The Doorstep Code

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