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Road or pavement obstructions

It is illegal to obstruct a road, verge or pavement without a licence.

Obstructions are objects which have been illegally put there or overhang a road or pavement.

If the obstruction is causing a danger, please call the police on 101 or 999.


  • report a vehicle causing an obstruction
    • a vehicle being illegally traded from
    • a vehicle parked on the street where it's not allowed such as on double yellow lines, in a bus stop, in a loading bay, on a school crossing
    • a vehicle being worked on

If you think the vehicle has been left without an owner see our Abandoned vehicles page.

Overhanging trees and hedges

Other obstructions

We are responsible for issuing licences to place skips, scaffolds, hoardings and building materials on a road. In most cases licences require that these items are placed so they do not cause an obstruction. In some cases, however, this is impossible, and not all obstructions will be classed as unauthorised.

We also have a policy that actively discourages placing goods and advertising on roads and pavements so they minimise the nuisance and danger they may cause.

  • report a non-vehicle obstruction
    • caravans
    • unauthorised builders skips
    • unauthorised scaffolding/hoardings
    • unauthorised building materials
    • unauthorised vendors or traders not trading from a vehicle
    • fallen trees
    • unauthorised structures
    • decorative stones and plant pots on a road verge
    • fencing on a road, verge or pavement
    • blocking a Public Right of Way

If something has been spilt then see our Spillages on roads page.

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