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Community led housing

Community led housing is where local people join together to look at housing in their local area.

This could be identifying issues such as there aren't enough starter homes for people or that there isn't enough affordable properties to rent. Through community led housing local people play a leading role in solving these housing problems by deciding how their community wants to be involved in bringing new homes and other benefits to their area.

What it involves

Community led housing comes in many different forms, but it can include:

  • Community land trusts
  • Co-operative housing
  • Cohousing
  • Self-build and custom build

Every organisation operates differently. It is up to your community how much involvement you have.

As a community led housing group you can own and manage homes and the land they stand on, but you can also manage other community assets such as:

  • open community spaces
  • children's play areas
  • allotments
  • community halls
  • community shops
  • community pubs

Benefits for your community

Your community will be involved throughout the process and you decide how much of a role you want to take in the ownership and/or management of the new homes and other assets. Benefits include:

  • keeping families, couples and individuals in the community who would not be able to afford to stay there
  • supporting each other and improving a sense of community in your area
  • giving control over assets and income
  • providing skills, training and personal development
  • access to specific funds

How to get involved

Contact us to find out what options are available.

We can also give technical support to prepare a Community Right to Build Order or Neighbourhood Plan to support the delivery of your community led housing through neighbourhood planning activity. Further information on this can be found on our What is neighbourhood planning? page.

Community Homes on the Map

The Community Homes on the Map Enabler Hub will provide face-to-face support to local groups who want to provide community led housing. The Hub will offer peer support, technical support, links with specialist suppliers and advice on best practice sharing.

For more information visit the Durham Community Action website.

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