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Cathedral lighting upgrade

Work has been completed to replace the floodlights at Durham Cathedral.

Working with the Cathedral and Thorn lighting, a specialist scheme was developed to replace the former external lighting system, which was installed more than 10 years ago and was reaching the end of its workable life.

The project team worked carefully to develop a new lighting scheme that will be more efficient and look to reduce carbon emissions by using the latest LED technology.

The cathedral can be seen for miles around and is a focal point of the city drawing people from around world. Its status as a world heritage site is very important and the works were carried out to enhance this and allow more people to enjoy the cathedral. It will also provide more opportunities for locals and tourists alike to view the cathedral in all its splendour.

Completed works

Works to replace all the external floodlights and the system that controls the lights at the cathedral were completed in March 22.

Previously,  the colours of the light were changed to mark certain ceremonies and events throughout the year. The new lighting system makes it more efficient for us to change the colour of the lights with increased functionality and sequencing. The control system used to facilitate the colour change can be done remotely from anywhere, even worldwide at the touch of a button.

The project team carefully reviewed each replacement light to make sure it complements the heritage of the structure.  

The new lighting system will make sure that the cathedral is illuminated for years to come and it will allow people to appreciate the cathedral at night with a new perspective.

Find out more from a case study and video documenting the lighting installation at Durham Cathedral, produced by Thorn Lighting.

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