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Community Action Scheme

The Community Action Scheme brings together residents and a range of organisations to tackle housing and environmental issues in a specific area by identifying local priorities and making best use of resources.

Who takes part in the scheme

The Community Action Scheme is led by our Community Action Team (CAT), which includes members of our Community Protection Service, planning, Neighbourhood wardens and housing teams, who work alongside police and community support officers and fire and rescue teams. As well as delivering some level of enforcement, we have a key role in promoting health and healthier lifestyles.

While our members stay involved throughout the programme, other partners may join in the delivery of certain programmes in line with identified problems or issues.

Our current project

We are in Wheatley Hill until 24 December. Our team will liaise with neighbourhood wardens, the fire service, police and Durham Community Peer Mentors, part of the Durham Police and Crime Commissioners Office for County Durham and Darlington to carry out a programme of works in the following areas: Alexandra Terrace; All saints Bungalows; Ashmore Terrace; Burns Street; Byron Street; Cain Terrace; Cemetery Road; Church Park; Church Street; Co-operative Villas; Cypress View; Dalton Terrace; Dennis Street; Dodds Close; Durham Road; East View; First Street; Front Street; Gable Terrace; Granville Terrace; Greenhills Terrace; Greenwood Close; Handel Terrace; Henderson Avenue; Jack Lawson Terrace; Johnson Estate; Liddell Terrace; Luke Terrace; Meadow View; Moor View; Moore Street; Nicholls Close; Nimmo Cottages; Patton House; Percy Street; Quetlaw Road; Quilstyle Road; Rock Farm; Rock Farm Mews; Ryan Terrace; Shakespeare Street; Shinwell Terrace; South View; The Avenue; Vincents Court; Watson Close; Wingate Lane and Woodlands Avenue.

Drop in to see us on:

  • Wednesday 16 November from 6.00pm to 7.30pm Greenhills Centre, Stephens Terrace, Wheatley Hill, DH6 3JS
  • Friday 18 November from 10.00am to noon, Greenhills Centre, Stephens Terrace, Wheatley Hill, DH6 3JS

Typically we can deal with empty properties; rubbish and flytipping; abandoned bins; loan sharks; the sale of illegal cigarettes; pests, energy efficiency and anything else which is affecting the enjoyment of the area in which you live and/or work. Come along and talk to us. 

Why this work is happening

We work across the county and provide resources to target particular areas and problems. We use enforcement powers to encourage owners, occupiers and landlords to take responsibility for their neighbourhood and their properties.

How it works

We normally deliver an 11 week rolling programme, moving around the county and focusing on a certain community each time. This breaks down into:

  • two weeks of identifying issues and planning priorities
  • seven weeks of action
  • two weeks of review

When moved on to another area, any new issues are then dealt with by the existing services in the area. This unique project model, working alongside the community to improve local conditions, means that the impact of the Community Action Scheme continues beyond the project period, with residents experiencing longer-term benefits.

What happens

We will ask residents, businesses and members of the local community for input in areas and problems they would like us to tackle.

Information from those involved with the community informs the main priorities chosen by residents during a residents' engagement event at the start of the CAT programme. We then focus on these during our weeks of action.

Previous projects

We've just completed work in Spennymoor.  

We spent eleven weeks in the area. During the project the team door knocked 12 streets of 420 properties speaking to130 residents. They Dealt with ten reported abandoned bins, issued two warnings for parking offences and issued three fixed penalty notices for abandoned vehicles. 

Five fly tips were dealt with and a fixed penalty notice was issued for a straying dog/ dog foul. Ten community protection notices and 14 community protection warnings were issued. 

Find information on Community Action Scheme - previous projects. In each area, priorities for improvement were identified and we worked with local residents in resolving these issues.

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Community Action
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