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Could your business deal with an emergency?

Prepare your business for emergencies or major incidents such as flooding, fire or power cuts. Planning ahead minimises the risk to your day-to-day operations (business continuity).

Get business continuity advice

Find out where your business is vulnerable and what measures you can put in place to:

  •  minimise the risk of disruption
  •  deal with the impact of an emergency or incident

Planning for emergency situations will help your business bounce back quickly, or avoid an emergency situation entirely.

Business Resilience Health Check

Use the free Business Resilience Health Check. This quick and simple online tool produces a  tailored report outlining what you should do to improve your organisations' resilience to disruption.

Business continuity guides

Download a business continuity guide and plan to help your business develop its own continuity system. 

Business continuity guides and plans
Business typeBusiness continuity guides and plans 
Small business and voluntary organisations

Business Continuity Guide (PDF) [3MB]
Small Business and Voluntary Organisations Business Continuity Plan (PDF) [182KB]
Public health continuity plan (PDF) [111KB]

Your insurance company will also be able to provide information, support or guidance.

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