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Better Business for All (BBfA)

If you are setting up a new business or just want to make sure you are compliant with all appropriate regulations then we can help you.

What is Better Business for All (BBfA)?

BBfA is a programme developed by central government to help businesses understand the regulations that apply to them and to create an environment that locally helps to support business growth. It is a voluntary partnership providing help and support to businesses to help them comply with the law, making it easier to 'get it right first time'.

Regulations can be complex and BBfA aims to make a positive impact by improving the way regulations are delivered and received. BBfA enables businesses to better understand systems and access services which suits their needs, supporting improved compliance and growth. 

We want to help your business grow and be a success.

Who we can we help

We help all businesses including those who are:

  • new start-ups or considering a new business idea
  • existing businesses
  • experiencing problems
  • considering expansion or relocation to new premises or areas
  • thinking about introducing new products, lines or methods of production

We want to help you establish and grow your business by providing advice and support to help you comply with regulations. 

How we can help you

BBfA is a voluntary partnership providing help and support to businesses to help them comply with the law, making it easier to 'get it right first time' to help businesses grow and flourish. We provide a friendly service and can help with:

  • free signposting to business advice sources 
  • tailored business advice

See how we have helped others  

CrossFit All Out

Vikki Anderson from CrossFit All Out said, 'I would advise any business, small or large, to get in touch with the council and double check, because if you're investing in a new business, you want to make sure you have everything in place to make it a success'.

Watch Vikki explain how BBfA helped her:

BBfA case study on YouTube - CrossFit All Out

Another County Durham based success story, is the Better Business for All supported and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy funded Lanchester Wines.

Who are the partners

BBfA brings together businesses and the regulatory services in the Durham area (including Environmental Health, Licensing, Trading Standards and the Fire and Rescue Service), working together with our Regional Council partners, the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Bridging the gap between businesses and regulators

We want to change the culture of how businesses and regulators work together. Better Business for All (BBFA) aims to make it easier for businesses to access regulatory support they need. 

Our aim is to remove regulatory barriers and the fear of regulation by helping your business to be safe and to achieve compliance in the regulatory areas of Environmental Health, Licensing and Trading Standards and others.

 You can then focus on:

  • growing your business
  • establishing and maintaining an excellent reputation.

For more information on growing a successful business in County Durham Contact Better Business for All

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