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We will be carrying out essential maintenance on our website on Tuesday 23 April 2024 between the hours of 8.00am and 10.30am. During this time, the website may experience technical issues. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you're of working age and think you may be eligible for help with your rent, you must apply for Universal Credit instead of Housing Benefit. Please note that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is responsible for Universal Credit.

Report changes affecting your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction

If you get Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, you should tell us straight away if anything changes that could affect the amount you're entitled to.

Contact us to report a change that affects your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction.

Alternatively, if you want to visit us in person, you can make an appointment at your nearest customer access point to report any changes.

If you don't tell us quickly, we may not be able to backdate any increase you might get. If there are any changes you're unsure about, contact us for advice.

What evidence will you need to provide?

It depends on what the change is. Our what information should you provide page lists the type of documents we can accept as proof.

We can accept scanned or photographed documents, please send them to us using our contact us details.

What changes do you need to tell us about?

You must tell us about anything that may affect your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction award. For example:

  • Changes to your tenancy or rent payments or if you move house.
  • If anyone moves into or out of your home. If they move out, we'll need to know where they have moved to.
  • If someone dies.
  • Changes to how much money you or anyone living with you gets. This includes changes to other benefits and tax credits. There are different rules for Pension Credit - see below.
  • You or your partner has a change in the amount of capital or savings you have. Again there are different rules for Pension Credit.
  • You or anyone in your household is expected to be absent from the property for more than four weeks for any reason.
  • Someone in your household becomes a student or stops being one.

Pension Credit

There are slightly different rules for anyone receiving Pension Credit. If you get:

  • Pension Credit Savings Credit - you must tell us if you or your partner's capital or savings increases to over £16,000. We base our decisions on your Pension Credit Savings Credit assessment, if you think your assessment is incorrect you must contact the Pension Service
  • Guaranteed Pension Credit - the Pension Service will decide when your Pension Credit is to be reviewed. Please contact the Pension Service if you have any queries.
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