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Disabled Facilities Grant

If a member of your household struggles to get around the house safely because they are elderly or disabled, there may be help available.

Disabled facilities grants assist people to live independently by helping to fund suitable adaptations to their properties. A maximum of £30,000 is available.

Who is eligible for a disabled facilities grant?

  • owner-occupiers
  • tenants of private rented properties 
  • Housing Association tenants

All applicants must undergo a financial means test, unless the grant is for a disabled child. This will indicate what, if any, financial contribution must be made towards the work. If you claim certain benefits you may be eligible for a full grant.

Applying for a disabled facilities grant

You must have an assessment by an occupational therapist first, as a grant is based on your essential needs. They will come to your home and assess what aids and adaptations might be available to help. Contact us to arrange an assessment.

What happens following this assessment?

Any recommendations will be sent to our Home Improvement Agency (HIA) who will then contact you. The HIA will check the occupational therapist's recommendations are reasonable and feasible. They will then draw up technical specifications, find estimates and help you fill in and submit your application for the grant.

Once your grant is agreed by us, the HIA will also supervise the work on your behalf.

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