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Due to essential maintenance, the following systems will be unavailable from 6.00pm on Monday 2 October until 8.00am on Tuesday 3 October: our online council tax, business rates and housing benefit services, and our welfare assistance form. You will also not be able to register to pay council tax online, make a change of address for council tax or cancel single person discount. You are still able to make a payment during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Street naming and numbering

We are responsible for street naming and numbering within County Durham.

This includes:

  • assigning official street names to new and existing streets
  • assigning official property numbers to all new and existing properties
  • changes to and allocation of property names
  • renaming of streets and renumbering of properties
  • the replacement and maintenance of street nameplates
  • ensuring that the Royal Mail are notified of new or amended property addresses to enable them to assign post codes
  • ensuring that the emergency and essential services are notified of all new properties and streets

The property owner is responsible for:

  • clearly displaying their property number
  • using the correct official address including the property number (if allocated)


Property name additions and changes £66 per property
Addressing or numbering of new properties (on an existing road) £71 for first plot plus £5 per additional plot
Naming of a new street (additional charge to the above numbering, where a new street name is required)£195
Sub-division of properties (based upon number of properties created including original)£66 admin fee plus £5 per flat
Renaming of a street where requested by residents£570
Temporary housing signs (yellow and black signs)£198 per development
Confirmation of address to solicitors, conveyancers, occupiers or owners£33
Development re-number due to change in plot numbers, or plot positions£128 admin fee plus £10 per property
Address issued / confirmed when replacement property built (as the original address will have been removed following the demolition as address may be different to original property) reactivation of address.£66 per property
Challenges / requests / revisions to existing street naming and numbering schemes£39 per hour

These charges are not subject to VAT.

Street name plates

Addresses for new developments

If you are building new housing, or turning an existing property into multiple flats, you should contact us to arrange for the allocation of addresses. The naming of streets can be a lengthy process.

For a new property we will assign a new number. However, where this is not possible, for example on a road where all the properties already have names and not numbers, we will issue a new property with a name.

On large developments naming and numbering will only be added to phases of a detailed or reserved matters planning approval that has started commenced. Further phases will be charged separately.

Request an address for a new property, building conversion or a change of address

Adding or changing a name for your property

Your property must already have a number. A fee of £56 will be charged for adding or changing a name.

Where possible, names should reflect the history of the area or acknowledge the local geography whilst being BS7666 compliant. They must be clearly displayed at the entrance or drive to the property. They should not:

  • replace the property number
  • be the same as, or similar to, another house name in the area, for example, Rose House and Rose Cottage - only one property named Rose will be accepted
  • replicate street names
  • include the word 'flat' in any form
  • be named with a business name as this such be added to the address separately
  • include anything that could be seen as obscene, racist or against our equal opportunities policies
  • be named after living people
  • include abbreviations or punctuation should be used, ie Marks House rather than Mark's Hse.


We are not responsible for issuing postcodes. Please contact Royal Mail with any postcode queries.

Contact us
Street naming and numbering
03000 263694
Our address is:
  • Durham County Council
  • County Hall
  • Durham
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
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