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Micro asphalt surfacing

Micro asphalt surfacing is a sealant which is mixed in the wagon before being laid on top of the existing road surface by a special machine. It seals the road and prevents potholes from forming. It also improves road safety by providing better skid resistance. This is mainly used on estate roads or roads with lower traffic levels.


Before the sealant is applied, the site is swept to remove dust and debris and all ironwork is taped up to prevent damage. Before any treatment begins, notice will be provided to residents to make them aware of any disruption. 


Two coats of the treatment are applied by hand to seal the road. This includes a base layer which removes defects and a waring course which helps improves the profile of the road. Due to the additional layer of product, this treatment takes slightly longer to set than a standard Surface Dressing treatment.

Road closures are required for a short period until the product sets. However, the road will be re-opened quickly after treatment as it needs traffic to drive over it to help embed it.

This treatment can be used at lower ground temperatures, making it suitable to be earlier in the season than other surfacing treatments.


As vehicles move over the new surface some chippings will naturally be shed. The road will be continually monitored and swept at regular intervals throughout the year and any loose chippings will be gathered and returned to base to be cleaned for future use.

Sometime after the treatment has been applied, a second team will revisit the site to identify and replace any damaged, covered or sunken gullies and iron work.

This treatment can take several months to harden.

Once the treatment has bedded down all road markings are re-instated.

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