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Sustainable modes of travel strategy

This page tells you about the general arrangements and policies for transport for pupils of compulsory school age to and from schools, sixth form centres and further education colleges.

We must promote the use of sustainable travel and transport and there are four main elements to this:

  • assessing travel and transport needs of children and young people
  • auditing sustainable travel and transport infrastructure in the council
  • having a strategy to develop a sustainable travel and transport infrastructure within the council to better cater for the travel and transport needs of children and young people
  • promoting sustainable travel and transport modes on the journey to, from and between schools and other institutions.

We have a large number of existing strategies and policies which set out what all agencies and services have committed to achieve for the children and young people of Durham. These have been based on a thorough analysis of needs and on the things that schools, parents, children and young people themselves have told us matter most to them.

Our sustainable home to school travel strategy - County Durham Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (PDF) [144KB]  - pulls together all relevant strategies and policies into one document.

It enables us to develop a more integrated approach across agencies and our services to improve outcomes for children and young people, in addition to ensuring they have safe and equitable access to education.

Post-16 Transport Policy Statement

Local councils have a duty to prepare and publish an annual transport policy statement specifying the arrangements for the provision of transport, or otherwise, that we consider necessary to help everyone of sixth form age receive education or training. Download our Post-16 Transport Policy Statement (TPS) available on our School transport policies and strategies page to see the policy statement for learners in further education aged 16-18 and continuing learners aged 19 and over.

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