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Primary school admissions - individual school and academy intake information

The lists on this page contain useful information about the intake for our primary schools and academies in County Durham. This includes places offered during last year's application process and what the published admission numbers will be for children starting school in September 2023.

Every school and academy also publishes its own booklet of information. If you would like a copy, contact the school or academy directly. The information may also be available on the school's website.  

Schools and academies also hold open days and open evenings in order to give parents more information. Contact the school or academy directly for more information.

The information in the lists below show:

  • School name and DFE number. (L) indicates a linked school - for example when an infant school is linked to a junior school for school admissions purposes (sibling links). For school addresses and contact details see our Find a school or college page.
  • Age range: (N) indicates a school which has a nursery unit. Attending a nursery unit attached to a primary school does not mean that your child will automatically be admitted to Reception of that school as that is not a criterion for admission if the school receives more applications than it has places available.
  • Published Admission Numbers (PAN) 2024/25: For community and voluntary controlled schools, the PAN is set by the council in consultation with the school. It represents the maximum number of children likely to be admitted to reception for Infant or Primary schools and year 3 for Junior schools during the academic year 2024/2025. For voluntary aided (faith) schools, the Governing Body is the admission authority and for academies it is the relevant Academy Trust, and these set the PAN.
  • Total number of applicants for 2023/24: Total number of applications (including first, second and third preferences) received for the school as of 16 April 2023.
  • The last place was offered on the basis of: This column shows how the last place at the school was offered for those schools that received more applications than there were places available (oversubscribed). This information relates to the admissions for 2023/24 academic year and includes information for oversubscribed schools except for faith schools, Browney Academy, New Seaham Academy, Ouston Primary School or Sacriston Academy. This will give you an indication of the likelihood of your child being offered a place at your preferred school, however, it cannot be relied upon as there are many variables that could affect the allocation of school places each year (such as number of applicants, number of siblings, distance from school).

All foundation schools and non-faith academies except for Browney Academy, New Seaham Academy, Ouston Primary School or Sacriston Academy have the same admission policy and oversubscription criteria as those for community and voluntary controlled primary schools.

If you are considering applying for a place in a voluntary aided (faith) school or academy, please either contact the school directly or see our School admission arrangements 2025/26 page.

Individual school information

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