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About the Definitive Map and Statement

What the Map and Statement are and how it is maintained.

The definitive map is a legal record indicating the position and status of public rights of way.

The definitive statement is a description of each public right of way shown on the online definitive map. The statement sometimes records the width of a route, or describes any 'furniture' such as gates and stiles on the route at the time it was first surveyed.

Together they form a legal document and are maintained by us. The definitive map and statement is conclusive evidence for the paths it shows, but there may be other paths with public rights which are not shown.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 requires that the definitive map and statement is continually updated to incorporate the changes that have come about through legal events.

Public rights of way on the definitive map can be changed, deleted and added, but the correct legal procedures must be followed. Other changes include recording paths on the map where it can be shown that the route has acquired public rights, the dedication of new routes and emergency path closures.