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Derwent Valley AAP priorities

AAP priorities would normally be decided by a public vote every two years; however, the ongoing pandemic has meant that over the last year we have had to focus on how we can support local communities deal with the impact of Coronavirus.

We are updating our Derwent Valley Partnership Area Action Partnership on Facebook with any local information regarding the coronavirus. This includes changes to services or support in your area.

Current priorities

Over 2022/23 and 2023/24 our current priorities of Employment, Environment and Health will continue to have a cross cutting theme of Community Recovery.  We will also be keeping an eye out for any emerging issues that may need support.  The DVP Board will look at this cross cutting element over the next two years and allocate funding where appropriate.

Employment, enterprise and training

The Task Group will be focusing on developing effective partnerships and projects between employers and training and education providers to help local residents gain employment and access training.

The main themes of the task group aim to:

  • support those furthest from the labour market into employment and provide a variety of training and skills/development opportunities
  • support the sustainable development of business, hospitality, leisure, and visitor sectors, and in the short term, their recovery from the impact of Covid-19.


The Task Group will be looking at projects that address the themes within their action plan.  The themes include:

  • resource efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality
  • improving nature, woodlands and habitats
  • promoting 'Green' employment, training and skills opportunities
  • Research and Data to inform project development and delivery

The Task Group will be working with a range of partners to ensure there are links between their environmental focused work and the current Covid-19 Recovery themes.

Health and wellbeing

The Task Group will be looking at improving mental wellbeing and physical activity for all ages including suicide prevention and reducing social isolation as well as looking at projects that offer bereavement support.  The group will also be looking to include Children, young people and families as a cross cutting theme.

The Task Group will be working with a range of partners to ensure there are links between their health and wellbeing focused work and the current Covid-19 Recovery themes.

Priority Task Groups

We take actions on issues linked to our priorities. To do this, we have priority task groups. These groups are made up of board and forum members and representatives from relevant partner organisations.

At task group meetings, we identify and discuss issues linked to our priorities, and we consider project ideas and requests for funding linked to these issues. If we want to progress any project ideas, we then send them to the board for approval.

If you're interested in getting involved with one of the task groups or would like to discuss an idea you may have for a project, contact us.

Contact us
Area Action Partnership - Derwent Valley
03000 260 723
Our address is:
  • Customer Access Point
  • 36-38 Front Street
  • Consett
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
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