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Application to put a skip on a public road or pavement

You must have a permit before you place a skip on a public road or pavement. A fee is payable for the permit.

Placing a skip on a public road or pavement - the law

  • You must have an appropriate level of public liability insurance, currently £5 million.
  • Your skip must not represent a danger to people using the road, cause unnecessary obstruction to the free flow of traffic (vehicle and pedestrian), or conflict with other work or events. 
  • Permits are issued subject to an assessment of the planned position, skip dimensions, visibility to traffic, care and disposal of skip contents, lighting, security and the skip's removal.

Find more information about the placement and control of skips in The Highways Act 1980: Section 139 and The Highways Act 1980: Section 140

Skip permit fees

Each permit costs £29.50 for the first 14 days and £22 each week after that.

If you do not get your permit before the skip is in place, it will cost you a £265 fine on top of the cost for the back dated permit.

The removal of a skip will cost £184.

Processing your application

Once we have approved your application you will be sent your skip permit.

If you have not heard from us after three working days, you have the right to act as though your application has been granted.

We may refuse your application or suggest an alternative location if the planned one is not acceptable. Please contact us to discuss an application refusal, or issues resulting from it.

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