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Protect your business against crime

Advice and information on how to reduce the risk of crime to your business. Includes details of the Business Watch scheme.

Business Watch is a scheme where businesses get together, supported by organisations who are working to tackle crime, anti-social behaviour and vandalism in your area.

Here are some useful tips to protect your business. Implement a few things and don't rely on one solution:

  • Join or form a local Business Watch scheme or link-up with other retailers to share the latest information on crime prevention and risks in your local area.
  • Get to know your local community police officer and make sure the groups involved in tackling crime in your area know the problems you face and what they can do to help you.
  • Involve everyone who works in your business and use their experience. Make sure your staff are confident, alert and well-informed.
  • Strengthen doors and windows. Use high-quality materials as set out in your insurance policy. Securely lock all entrances and exits overnight.
  • Install a burglar alarm using an approved installer. Your local police crime prevention officer can give you advice.
  • Consider CCTV. It works best when combined with other security measures. Get expert advice on equipment and procedures including data protection.
  • Consider anti-graffiti paint or plastic coatings for windows.
  • Keep boundaries secure. Restrict access to drainpipes, flat roofs and other buildings.
  • Make sure any dark corners are well lit.

For more information contact your local Crime Prevention Officer at Durham Constabulary on 101 or contact us.

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