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Care leaver reviews

Review meetings are very important. They are about you and your time in care.

When you were a Child Looked After, you had review meetings chaired by your Independent Reviewing Officer, these were important meetings to ensure the correct plan for you was in place.

As a Care Leaver you will still have a Pathway Plan and we need to catch up with you to ensure the plan is moving forward and is the correct plan.

What happens when we meet with you to review your Pathway Plan

We will look together at a copy of your plan and agree with you if there need to be any changes.

These meetings should happen at least once every six months but could be more often if your plan needs to change.

It is really important that you have a Pathway Plan which is built around your goals and aspirations and says how we will support you to meet them. This will be discussed at the meeting and your YPA will update your plan.

We want to make sure you are supported as well as possible - who supports you, what they do and when should be discussed and included in your plan.

You should have a copy of your plan and this should be written in a way that you can understand, whether this needs to be translated into another language or done in picture form.

Where your review meeting will take place

You can decide where you want to meet, this should be somewhere you feel comfortable.

Who will be at your review meeting

You might want someone else to be at this meeting with you, such as another professional working with you or someone important to you. You can decide who you want to be there.

When we have some worries about a young person's safety then a Team Manager or a Consultant Social Worker may also want to attend the meeting to review your Pathway Plan. We would, of course, ask you if you agree to this happening.