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Your social worker (care leavers)

Your social worker will support you from around the time you turn 16.

How will my social worker support me?

Your social worker will try to help and support you in many ways. They will help you to develop your independent living skills and make plans with you for your future.

They will work with you and the people who are important to you to make sure that you achieve the goals you set together. They will:

  • spend time with you - helping with any problems you have by offering you advice and support
  • go to all meetings about your care
  • listen to what you have to say, and help you put your views across at meetings and when decisions and plans are made
  • keep a record of everything that goes on while you are being looked after
  • be there for you if you want someone to talk to
  • make sure that you are being treated well by visiting you and your carers to make sure that you are OK and getting on well together
  • make sure you see the people you need, for example, a doctor
  • explain things to you and make sure you understand what is going on
  • help you to keep in touch with friends, relatives and family

When will I see my social worker?

If you are staying with foster carers, your social worker will visit you within one week of you moving in, then at least every four weeks in the first year that you live there. After the first year your social worker may visit you less often but at least every 3 months. Your social worker should also visit you at any time if you ask to see them.

When will I stop seeing my social worker?

You will continue to see your social worker until you turn 18. Once you are 18, you will no longer have a social worker and your Young Person's Advisor (YPA) will become your main contact.

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