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The Health Secretary has set out the next steps in the fight against Coronavirus. See the press conference at Youtube: Coronavirus press conference (19 January 2022).

We are currently carrying out a strategic review of Inclusion and Alternative Education Provision. As a result all new applications to be included into the Alternative Provision Directory have been put on hold until the outcome of the review. Further details will be provided during the summer term.

Alternative Education

This is education arranged for learners who, because of exclusion, illness or other reasons, would not otherwise receive suitable education.

Each placement is tailored to meet the needs of the young person. Placements can vary from academic placements with colleges to vocational placements encouraging a more 'hands on approach' or therapeutic placements like counselling or developing confidence and social skills.

Directory of Alternative Education

The council manages a directory of alternative education providers for schools to access when considering placing a pupil on an alternative provision. This directory provides schools with information on those providers who have been quality checked and monitored to make sure they meet minimum standards.

Businesses or organisations that become providers of alternative education and offer placements will receive funding from schools for each student they take on. 

Alternative Education Providers

We have high expectations for all young people who live in County Durham. We want to ensure that they have access to appropriate education, in a safe learning environment and are given the opportunity to gain and develop skills to help them progress, learn and develop.

Can your learning organisation meet the needs of these pupils? If you want to make a difference and become a recommended provider of alternative education you will need to register your interest. 

Schools  will carry out regular monitoring visits to make sure minimum standards are being met for their pupils and to monitor individual pupil progress. Additional monitoring visits will be carried out by us.

We have a commitment to supporting providers and will provide training opportunities which can be accessed by alternative providers to develop staff skills and knowledge of key areas.

How to register as a provider

If you wish to register your interest in becoming a recommended provider you will need to complete the 'Alternative Education Directory application form' and 'Provider self-assessment form'. Both are provided below in 'pdf' and 'word' format.

Once your application has been received you will be contacted by a member of the alternative provision team who will arrange to come and visit your premises and review your application. 

Further information

For more information on Alternative Education please contact us.

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Alternative education
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