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Housing for students

If you're a student at Durham University, the Durham Student Assured Housing Scheme can help you in your search for rented accommodation.

The scheme, which is recommended by the Durham Students' Union and is supported by the University, can help you identify which rental properties in Durham have met certain criteria following inspection by us.

Why you should choose an assured property

  • Makes sure that safety and security standards have been met.
  • Guarantees that minimum room size requirements have been adhered to.
  • Provides adequate bathroom and washing facilities.
  • A complaints procedure is in place which would allow you to report any problems easily.
  • Provides you with peace of mind that you're making the right decision in terms of your accommodation.

Guide to the scheme

For details of the scheme as well as hints and tips when looking at properties, see our 

For full details of the criteria landlords need to meet to join the scheme, see the Student housing - landlord assurance scheme page.

Finding an assured property

Landlords advertise their assured properties in a number of ways including using estate agents and online portals.

We are working with StuRents, an online student accommodation search platform, to make it easier for you to find an assured property in Durham. Search for assured student properties in Durham on StuRents.

Further information and support

Durham University and Students' Union also provide a wide range of support services for students looking for privately rented accommodation. You can find out more by visiting Durham University: housing hub.

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