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Road and pavement safety inspections

Safety inspections are carried out to identify problems which may become a hazard or inconvenience on our roads and pavements.

To ensure that roads and pavements are free from hazards, regular safety inspections are undertaken by trained and experienced inspectors. When setting the frequency of inspections, consideration is given to road class, traffic use, characteristics of adjoining roads and local knowledge.

CategoryGeneral DescriptionFrequency
2Non-motorway trunk and some principal A roads between primary destinations.1 month
3aMajor urban network and inter-primary links. Short-medium distance traffic.1 month
3bClassified road (B and C class) and unclassified urban bus routes carrying local traffic with frontage access and frequent junctions.1 month
4aRoads linking between category 3a and 3b roads with frontage access and frequent junctions.3 months
4bRoads serving limited number of properties carrying only access traffic.1 year

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