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Other council tax discounts

There are other circumstances in which someone can qualify for a council tax discount or exemption.

If you're currently struggling to pay your bills, please see our financial support during Coronavirus outbreak information.

18 years old and receive child benefit

If you're over 18 years old and receive child benefit you don't pay council tax. If you continue to receive child benefit over the age of 18 years (usually if you're still in full time education), you can apply for council tax discount.

To apply, download and complete  Icon for pdf Over 18s in receipt of child benefit council tax discount form (PDF, 30.9kb) . Return it to the address included on the form. 

Family annexe

If your house has an annexe and it is used by a member of your family, you can get a discount or exemption. A 50% discount applies if the annexe is used by the occupier of the main building or a member of his/her family. For more information, contact us.


People in prison/detention do not pay council tax. Usually people in prison or in some other form of detention are no longer the sole or main resident of a household. Dwellings left empty by someone in detention are exempt from council tax. However, where the period of detention is for such a short period, the person is still considered to mainly occupy the dwelling and a disregard applies where the person is:

  • detained under deportation provisions of the Immigration Act 1971
  • detained in a prison, a hospital or other place by a court
  • detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (1984 Scotland)
  • imprisoned, detained or in custody (but not in custody under open arrest for the purposes of the Queen's Regulations) for more than 48 hours under the Army Act 1955, Air force Act 1955, or the Naval Discipline Act 1957.

People in police custody before their first court appearance, or detained for non-payment of council tax or non-payment of a fine are not treated as being detained for discount purposes.

To apply, download and complete  Icon for pdf Prisoners and people in detention council tax discount form (PDF, 158.9kb) . Return it to the address included on the form. 

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