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Tour of Britain cycle race - what's affected

The AJ Bell Tour of Britain cycle race will pass through County Durham on Tuesday 6 September, starting at St Mary's College at 11.15am.

Rolling Road Closures

A rolling road closure will be enforced on the stage route. This means roads on and around the race route will be closed to traffic by Police Escort Vehicles. Closures are in place for a short period (usually around 30 minutes) to allow - the race to pass safely. The following roads will be affected:

Unc 27.21 Elvet Hill Road onto
C98 Potters Bank crossing
A167 'Duke of Wellington' traffic light crossroads onto
C98 Lowes Barn Bank then left onto
A690 to Stonebridge Roundabout Nevilles Cross onto
B6302 Broom Lane westwards through Ushaw Moor and continuing west to Esh Winning and north to Cornsay Colliery onto
B6301 south westerly to Tow Law crossing
A68 and continuing south westerly on
Unc 25.11 Ironworks Road to
B6297 south westerly to
B6296 Redgate Bank and southerly to Wolsingham onto
A689 and westerly through Frosterley, Stanhope, Eastgate, Westgate to St Johns Chapel then southerly onto
C27 over Harthope Moor to
B6277 north of Langdon Beck then south easterly through Middleton in Teesdale onto
A67 and over Barnard Castle Bridge and north easterly through Barnard Castle onto
B6278 north westerly on Harmire Road and continuing north on
C41 through Kinninvie on Billy Lane to
B6282 then easterly through Woodland, Copley and Butterknowle to
A68 Toft Hill to High Etherley then
B6282 through High and Low Etherley to Bishop Auckland onto
A688 easterly to A688/A689 Canney Hill Roundabout and continuing easterly on
B6287 through Coundon and Leeholme to Ferryhill
C26 easterly and south easterly through Bishop Middleham to A177
A177 northwards to Coxhoe onto
C23 then turning north easterly onto
B6291 through Quarrington Hill and Cassop onto
A181 north westward to Byers Garth Roundabout turning north on
C12a through Sherburn turning north easterly onto
C13 Moorsley Road at Pittington (into Sunderland...)

No parking

The route is marked with yellow advanced warning signs in the run up to the Tour of Britain. Please don't park on the route on the day: if necessary, vehicles may have to be removed.


B6302 Durham Road from the existing 30 mph signs east of Broom Park to the Junction Station Road Ushaw Moor

Esh Winning

B6302 Durham Road from junction of Brandon Road to junction B6302 Newhouse Road

B6302 Newhouse Road from junction of Durham Road north to National Speed Limit signs


B6296 Angate Street/Market Place from northern side of Cooperative Terrace junction to A689.

A689 Front Street between B6296 Market Place and Church Lane.


A689 Front Street between the western side of the access to the disused New Frosterley Quarry to the junction with Mellbutts Bank.


A689 between the junction with the access to Bond Isle Way and 20 metres west of the property known as Allerton; including Market Place.


A689 from 40 metres west of the junction with St Andrews Court to immediately west of the junction with C27 adjacent to Britton Hall.

Harthorpe Road from junction A689 at St Johns Chapel and extending southwards to National Speed Limit signs.


B6277 from the junction with Burn Bank Court to the northern side of Middleton Bridge.


B6277 from Whitbridge House and eastward to National Speed Limit signs


B6277 from 15 metres north of Dale View and extending south to the National Speed Limit signs.

Barnard Castle

A67/B6277 from immediately north of Bowes Road through town centre to the junction with Harmire Road.


B6282 Middleton Road from junction with C31 to junction with Sun Road, The Edge.


B6282 Copley Lane from 30 metres west of the access to Lynesack Farm and east to 40mph signs

B6282 Copley Bent from the left bend warning sign and eastward to the junction with C42 

Toft Hill

A68 from immediately west of The Sportsman Inn and east to the junction with South Road / Church Street.

High Etherley

B6282 Church Street from its junction with A68 to its junction with Rudland Way

Etherley Moor

B6282 Woodhouse Lane from the bus stop south east of Rush Park and easterly the junction with C130 Cabin Gate crossroads Bishop Auckland.


B6287 Church Street between West House and C129 Collingwood Street


B6287 Leeholme Road from Victoria Lane crossroad junction east and north to the access road to the National Speed limit signs.

Middlestone Village

B6287 Low Road from the corner adjacent to the chevron sign and east for approx. 280 metres to the lane leading south.

Ferryhill/Kirk Merrington

B6287 from junction C113 Kirk Merrington Road and east for approx. 500 metres to east of the bus shelter

B6287 from the 20 mph school signs outside Ferryhill College to junction North Street

C26 North Street and Broom Road to the junction with Duncombe Bank

Station Road/Mainsforth Road, Ferryhill Station.

Bishop Middleham

High Road from western 30 mph signs and eastward to junction of A177.

Quarrington Hill

B6291 Front Street from the eastern side of the traffic-calming chicane at Hawthorn Crescent to 70 metres north east of the junction with Belle Vue


Hallgarth Street from B1283 Front Street roundabout to the junction Gray Avenue.

Temporary 30 mph Speed restrictions

B6279 from 600 metres west of Kinninvie crossroads to 625 metres east of the crossroads, and Billy Lane from 305 metres north of the crossroads to 600 metres south of the crossroads.

B6282 from 485 metres north east to 650 metres south west of the Billy Lane junction and 605 metres of Billy Lane that extends south from B6282 Langleydale.

A177 from 575 metres south of C26 Fishburn Road to 600 metres north of the C26 High Road Bishop Middleham junction, and a 635 metre length of C26 High Road Bishop Middleham extending west from its junction with A177, and also a 605 metre length of C26 that extends eastward from A177 toward Fishburn.

A181 from 600 metres south east to 625 metres north west of B6291 junction at Thornley, and extending the existing 30 mph zone on B6291 between Cassop and A181 junction, and also a 600 metre length of Unclassified road 27.17 that extends northwards from its junction with A181 past High Croft House.

The Order will be effective on Tuesday 6 September 2022 from 4am. The anticipated duration of the order is from 4.00 am (parking restrictions) with the rolling road closures starting from 11am to around 4.00 pm (depending upon actual average speed).

Alternative routes will not be signed to vehicular traffic owing to the transient nature of the rolling road closures.

Listen: there will be an advance vehicle 15 minutes ahead of the race, keeping you up-to-date with what is happening in the Tour of Britain as well as live coverage on ITV4.

Caution: please keep children back from the edge of the road and animals on a lead, away from the roadside. Riders pass by very fast, and while we encourage support, please keep flags, objects and photography equipment out of the road. Remember, taking selfies is fun, but turning your back on the race is never a good idea. Please face the oncoming riders and race convoy at all times.

Police: the Tour of Britain is escorted along the route by trained police officers and escort motorcyclists. If you are asked to stop by an officer, please listen carefully and obey their instructions.

Respect the Riders

We encourage everyone to get behind the riders, but please remember this is their race. Please don't block their route, run alongside them or impede their progress.

Top tips for spectators

Take note of the stage route, road closures and race timings that may affect you.

Grab a safe spectator spot early and enjoy the build up to the peloton arriving.

If you can't get to a start or finish location, check out where your nearest sprint points or ŠKODA King of the Mountains climbs are along the route.

Do not obstruct the riders in any way.

For more information visit Tour of Britain: Stage 3