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Staying cool - heatwave advice

Follow our heatwave safety advice during the hot weather.

Keep cool

  • the sun is strongest between 11.00am and 3.00pm March to October
  • avoid energetic outdoor physical exercise on very hot days
  • wear loose fitting, light coloured clothing
  • wear a sun hat and sunglasses and stay in the shade if going outside
  • use sunscreen (at least factor 30) to protect your skin
  • drink plenty of water
  • be aware of our water safety advice

Keep your home cool

Before hot weather

  • check windows and vents can be opened
  • check that the central heating system can be turned off
  • check that fridges, freezers and fans are working properly
  • check medicines can be stored according to the instructions on the packaging

During hot weather

  • shade or cover windows exposed to direct sunlight
  • take a break from the heat by moving to a cooler part of the house (especially for sleeping)
  • consider going outside into the shade or to a public building that may be cooler
  • open windows where it is safe to do so, when the air feels cooler outside than inside, for example, at night (remember the loft window is a good option)
  • try to get air flowing through the home
  • check that central heating is turned off and turn off lights and electrical equipment that aren't in use

Look after vulnerable people

For more information on how to stay safe in hot weather, call NHS 111 or visit NHS Choices: heatwave advice.